On-Site Child Care At Boar's Head Resort

Fun for All!

When you need to focus on your golf swing, perfect your tennis serve or want to grab a dinner at The Mill Room, Boar's Head Sports Club child care providers will keep your little ones entertained. Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy, and exploratory environment to encourage your child's social, emotional, and mental development providing a child care experience that's fun for all. 


The best way to reach us about reservations during the pandemic is via email: childcare@boarsheadresort.com

Kid's Club Covid Info Packet

Our Child Care is licensed by the state of Virginia allowing parents to leave the property. The following paperwork is required:

• Children's Programs Application Form (provided by the Sports Club)
• Birth Certificate, Passport or Proof of Birth Letter
• Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Examination and immunization form (signed and dated by a physician) 

Please call the Childcare and Activities Manager at (434) 244-2430 for more information. 

Forms and Information Downloads

*The required paperwork must be up to date and on file before a child's first visit to childcare.

Download Childcare Documents

If you have any questions regarding these documents, please contact the Childcare Department at 434.244.2430.