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At Boar’s Head Resort, we believe in learning by doing. Take a group of people with varied interests, skills and backgrounds, put them together in an outdoor setting, present them with a challenging situation, and watch the learning begin. All of our adventure learning activities are geared at creating experiences from which a team can learn team-based skills that can be implemented in an office setting.

Founded on the principle that “the company that laughs together lasts”, Boar’s Head Outfitters is here to bring your meeting to life, revitalize existing teams, and help you take your group members to new heights. We’ve built a reputation by creating innovative team-building programs that develop a strong and productive atmosphere.

From the moment of first contact, Boar’s Head Outfitters works with you as a partner. The content, flow and details of your experience will be custom designed, based on your stated goals and desired outcomes. Our creative process is an interactive one. Once we’ve designed a custom program, we look to all parties involved for input and ideas. This winning formula, will help you and your team achieve their goals. 

Whether you choose to have us facilitate understanding and team cohesion through the use of The Myers Briggs Type Indicator, or decide to take part in one of our custom outdoor programs, we can design a program that will be both meaningful and memorable for your staff. 

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