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Massage Treatments & Services

The Spa is currently closed for renovations. Our tentative reopen date is scheduled for late summer 2021.

Holistic Health Treatments

Forest Air Bathing Massage
Relax, Breathe, and release the stress of urban life by allowing the restorative powers of nature to take over. The Japanese have a specific term for the health benefits provided by the forests called Shinrin-Yoku (literally, “Forest Air Bathing”). It involves spending time in forests for the health benefits this can bring. Increased immune function, reduced stress levels and lower blood pressure are just some of the measurable health benefits of breathing the essential oils released by trees. This massage re-creates an intensive Forest Bathing experience in the treatment room, and is great for stress reduction and boosting natural immunity. The oil and hydrosol mist used is a blend of native forest essential oils, which increase the benefits of Shinrin-Yoku.
50 minutes $135 | $150
80 minutes $165 | $180   

Crystal Chakra Balancing Massage
Experience an aromatic journey drawing you into a deeper, profound state of relaxation. This treatment uses 7 essential oil blends, each infused with crystals attuned to its corresponding chakra’s vibrational energy, awakening and vitalizing all of the body’s systems bringing them back into alignment. Begin your journey with organic ginger and rosemary and finish with a tranquil combination of fragrant vetiver and high grown lavender to carry you into a deep state of bliss.
80 minutes $165 | $180

Magnesium Melt Ritual & Massage
An intensive body ritual featuring the softening and soothing properties of magnesium combined with the therapeutic touch of massage. Magnesium gives renewed energy throughout the body and helps support healthy muscle function and prevent muscle cramping. The dual action salt scrub polishes the skin and melts into a magnesium rich cream, boosting nutrient levels and the skin’s complexion while the massage helps to penetrate the magnesium deeper into the muscle for a more potent effect. Rich cream Shea butter is added to the massage component for ultimate hydration and relaxation.
80 minutes $160 | $175

Sleep Well Massage
Most people deal with insomnia at some point in their lives. This massage features essential oils perfectly blended to relieve restlessness, nervous exhaustion and sleep difficulties. Spirit Gate, Bubbling Spring and Wind Pool acupressure points are incorporated into this massage to help settle scattered energies, allowing you to focus on peaceful relaxation and improve the restful quality of sleep.
50 minutes  $120 | $135
80 minutes  $150 | $165

Signature Treatments

Monticello Garden Massage
Building on Jefferson’s natural approach to health and well-being, a signature oil blend has been created by a master botanist using herbs grown by Thomas Jefferson in his gardens. Energy flow is stimulated and balanced with the targeted application of hot, herb filled poultices. Relax and breathe the aromatic vapors to experience a sense of natural renewal.
50 Minutes $120 | $135

Virginia Mountain Stone Massage 
Using warm Virginia stones, this unique therapy soothes sore and aching muscles while erasing stress and fatigue. 
50 Minutes  $120 | $130
80 Minutes  $170 | $185

Blue Ridge Classic Massage
A gentle and light massage designed to soothe and relax tense muscles. An application of warm towels to the face and feet enhance relaxation in this classic massage. 
50 Minutes  $115 | $125
80 Minutes  $165 | $180

Arnica Deep-Tissue Massage
This deep tissue massage incorporates the anti-inflammatory benefits of arnica to soothe tired or over used muscles. Recommended for those who prefer firm pressure. 
50 Minutes  $130 | $140
80 Minutes  $180 | $195

A manipulation of pressure points on the feet, scalp and hands stimulates nerve endings, balances internal organs and speeds healing. This session includes a warm and hydrating hot oil wrap on the feet. 
25 Minutes  $75 | $85 
50 Minutes  $110 | $120

Maternity Massage
Allow our trained therapists to provide a comforting massage for mothers-to-be and bring special care to weary muscles and sore joints. Not recommended during the first trimester. 
50 Minutes  $110 | $120

Sports Massage
Designed to restore your body to peak performance, this targeted, therapeutic massage incorporates stretching to improve range of motion.
50 Minutes  $120 | $130
80 Minutes  $170 | $185

Service Enhancements

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment $10 | $15
Nourishing Treatment for Hands or Feet $20 | $25
Deep Tissue Enhancement $15 | $20
Arnica Joint Relief Treatment $20 | $25
Aromatherapy $10 | $15
CBD Enhancement $40 | $50
Reiki Energy add-on $35 | $45

Express Treatments

Targeted Massage
This express treatment is designed to target specific areas of the body to meet your needs.
25 Minutes  $75 | $85

Therapeutic Foot Treatment
This relaxing treatment focuses solely on tired and overworked feet. The service includes a magnesium scrub to the lower leg and foot to help increase blood flow and circulation followed by a relaxing massage on the calves and feet. 
25 minutes $65 | $70

For Couples

Come and enjoy a relaxing spa appointment with your special someone by choosing any of our massage services as a couple’s massage. Choose the same massage service for two or each guest may pick their own separate massage service and have it performed in our couple’s therapy room.