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Massage Treatments

The Spa is currently under renovation and is scheduled to reopen on August 10, 2021.

Indulge in one of our signature massages in the serenity of our beautiful new spa. Our regionally curated aromatic alchemy blends are customized to personalize your massage with the power of cold-pressed essential oils and the finest quality botanicals. Our professional massage therapists provide a high quality experience that will melt your cares away.

For reservation information: (434) 972-2253

Signature Massages

Arnica Deep Muscle Massage
Created especially for athletes for faster recovery, this intensive treatment is designed to relax muscles and stiff joints by enhancing deep muscle massage.
50 Minutes:  $150
80 Minutes:  $240

Blue Ridge Aromatherapy Massage
This relaxing treatment uses aromatherapy and deep muscle massage to unwind the body, re-boot the mind and transform stress into balance. 
50 Minutes:  $150
80 Minutes:  $240

Swedish Massage
This lighter pressure massage utilizing long strokes is the most universal of all massages and is perfect for relieving tension, reducing swelling, increasing circulation and inducing relaxation.
50 Minutes:  $125
80 Minutes:  $200


Reduce edema, back pain, and tension with this customized massage designed to improve your prenatal health and well-being.
(not recommended during first trimester)
60 minutes:  $135

A specialty treatment utilizing smooth, heated basalt stones promotes deep relaxation, alleviates stress, relieves pain, and improves circulation.
80 minutes:  $210


Experience massage together for lovers and mothers and daughters, fathers and sons and any two people who are looking to enjoy quality time together.
60 minutes:  $250-$300
(varies based on modality selected)

Massage Enhancement Menu


Hair and Scalp Treatment                         
Hand and Foot Paraffin Treatment        
Hand and Foot Scrub                                 
CBD Muscle Repair:  $50/each