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Massage in Charlottesville

Indulge in one of our signature massages in the serenity of our beautiful new spa in Charlottesville. Our regionally curated aromatic alchemy blends are customized to personalize your massage with the power of cold-pressed essential oils and the finest quality botanicals. Our professional massage therapists provide a high quality experience that will melt your cares away.

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This light to moderate pressure massage utilizes effleurage to help relieve tension, reduce swelling, increase circulation and promote relaxation.
50 minutes:  $160 | 100 minutes:  $300

This Classic Swedish Massage includes your choice of aromatherapy oils to unwind the body, reboot the mind and transform stress into balance.
50 minutes:  $175 | 100 minutes:  $330

Hot Stone
A specialty treatment utilizing smooth, heated basalt stones promotes deep relaxation, alleviates stress, relieves pain and improves circulation. Available in a 50-minute session only.
50 minutes:  $185

Deep Pressure
Uses slow, deep strokes to target the inner muscular layers and connective tissue. 
50 minutes:  $185

This concentrated hand and foot massage explicitly focuses on reflex points that may connect to specific parts of the body. 
50 minutes:  $180

This massage is designed specifically for the mom-to-be.  It may help reduce tension and relieve muscle aches and pains. 
(not recommended during first trimester)
50 minutes:  $170

Couple's Massage
Available for any two people who are looking to enjoy quality time together. Price is based on individual services plus an additional $10 per person.

- All massage services include unscented oil unless specified.


The Monticello
Two of our most popular massage modalities paired with an exfoliating hand and foot scrub.  Includes Swedish, deep tissue on back and a hand and foot scrub.
50 minutes:  $190 | 100 minutes:  $360

The Jefferson 
This treatment includes two of our most popular massages your choice of an invigorating scalp or nourishing beard treatment.  Includes Swedish, deep tissue on back, scalp or beard treatment and reflexology on feet.
50 minutes:  $190 | 100 minutes:  $360

The Sportsman
This systematic and focused massage uses various techniques including assisted stretching, to decrease muscle pain, improve recovery, range of motion and flexibility.  Perfect for athletes.  Includes CBD Oil or Arnica Muscle Gel.
50 minutes:  $190 | 100 minutes:  $360

The Blue Ridge Sampler
Enjoy a sampling of all the classics.  Includes Swedish, aromatherapy, deep tissue, hot stones and reflexology.
50 minutes:  $190 | 100 minutes:  $360

Massage Enhancement Menu

Aromatherapy Oil: $15
CBD Oil: $25
Hot Stones: $20
Hand & Foot Scrub: $25
Scalp Treatment: $20
Beard Treatment: $20