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Boar's Head Group Team Building

Team Building in Charlottesville

OWLS and Cooking Classes

Bring your group to Boar's Head for some of the best team building in Charlottesville. In addition to our beautiful setting and abundant activities available on-site and nearby, the Boar's Head offers programming specifically considered for fun, productive team building.

Partnership with OWLS
Experience superior team building activities in the form of world-class experiential education programs. Organizational Wide Leadership Solutions (OWLS) has been the pioneer in creating innovative corporate team building activities since 1996. Through our partnership with OWLS, we are able to offer four exciting programs.

"Boar's Head Extreme"
The most unique team building in Central Virginia. Get out of the board room and work on goal setting, communication and teamwork while rock climbing or kayaking.

"Planting Community Seeds"
The ultimate team building and community service project. Here, your team can spend the afternoon building a complete working garden that will then be donated to a school or low income housing project. Tax deductible.

"Build It Play It"
OWLS' most popular activity! Choose from Cardboard Regatta or Hole in One activity. Here, participants build the activities as a collaborative work group sharing resources, making marketing presentations, then competing with one another.

"Boar's Head Survivor"
This is an initiative-based "low ropes course" where participants will work to solve complex problems as a team. Team development and leadership concepts are taught through activities that draw on the knowledge and ideas of every group member and require participation and cooperation of the entire group for success.

Cooking Classes/Iron Chef as Team Building
You never truly know someone until you have cooked with them. Put your team to the test in the kitchen as you work together to meet deadlines and deliver results.

After a short introduction, including safety lessons and basic knife skills, the group is formed into teams. Each team chooses a team leader and is presented with a "Culinary Challenge." For the next 1.5 to 2 hours, the teams must prepare the food, following the given guidelines. The main goal is to work together to find inspiration, creativity and trust in each other. 

For information on our team building packages, call 434.972.2227.