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Nail Treatments

Specialized Services Focused on Health and Wellness

Heartful Manicure
As well as beautiful nails, our Heartful Manicure focuses on the health and vitality of your hands and arms. Warm, mineral rich clay is applied to arms and wrists and then wrapped with aromatic towels to sooth joints and forearms. Following a gently foaming jojoba glaze exfoliation, a rich organic Geranium & Rose Botanical butter is used to massage the muscles in hands and forearms. Once nails are painted or buffed to perfection your hands will be ready to do the work of your heart!
50 Minutes $55 | $65

VITAL Organic Ginger & Rosemary Pedicure
This treatment awakens legs and feet by toning and increasing circulation. Ginger and rosemary detoxify and strengthen vascular tissue reducing water retention while giving relief to the feeling of heavy legs and fatigued feet. Your service begins with a stimulating exfoliation, melting you into a warm rich mud mask, relaxing and detoxifying sore and overly tired leg muscles and feet.  While the mask works into your muscles, your legs will be wrapped in warm towels while you receive a hand and arm massage. The finishing touch is a leg and foot massage targeting the reflexes of the feet stimulating energy flow leaving you feeling grounded and relaxed.
50 minutes  $65 | $75

Turquoise Sage Pedicure
This botanical pedicure is designed to detoxify and release mineral based deposits that cause pain and soreness in feet and legs. Begin by immersing your feet in a salt soak that includes arnica and aroma therapy. Exfoliating salt and a warm soothing clay mask continue the therapeutic treatment. A deep massage with rich whipped Shea butter soothes and softens legs and feet. After your feet are perfectly manicured, a Rosehips and Aloe finishing spray leave you and your feet perfectly restored.
80 minutes  $75 | $85

Ocean Dew Pedicure
This pedicure treatment uniquely impacts the health and vitality of your whole body through your feet and legs. A magnesium rich scrub including ocean algae extracts and essential oils polishes and refreshes skin, preparing it to receive a transdermal magnesium gel mask. Magnesium gives renewed energy throughout the body and helps support healthy muscle function and prevent cramping. We finish with a moisturizing and detoxifying leg massage with Ocean Dew Marine Replenishing Magnesium Lotion scented with organic grapefruit, rosemary and vanilla.
50 minutes  $65 | $75

Classic Signature Boar's Head Nail Treatments

Spa Manicure
Detailed manicure includes exfoliating scrub, nail and cuticle grooming, buffing, and polish. $45 | $50

Spa Pedicure
Deluxe therapeutic hydro jet soak, foot exfoliation, nail and cuticle grooming, and polish. $55 | $65

Executive Manicure
Manicure includes exfoliating scrub, nail and cuticle grooming. $45 | $50

Executive Pedicure
Deluxe therapeutic hydro jet soak, foot exfoliation, soothing paraffin, nail and cuticle grooming. $65 | $75

Vino-Therapy Antioxidant Manicure/Pedicure
Pay homage to Jefferson's love of wine with this highly moisturizing and renewing hand and foot treatment that uses the benefits of wine combined with the firming benefit of oranges. Polish away your troubles and take the time to Wine Down!  Includes a glass of red wine.
Manicure  $60 | $70
Pedicure  $65 | $75

Restorative Pedicure
A results-oriented pedicure designed to restore dry and cracked feet. Elevates a standard pedicure into a transformational pedicure. Nail care and polish included. 80 Minutes | $90 / $100

Summer Splash Pedicure  (May 1 - Sep 30)
Indulge your summertime feet with an anti-oxidant rich mango and orange foot soak in our hydro jet pedicure station. This pedicure includes foot exfoliation, nail and cuticle grooming, coconut mask, and polish.
50 minutes $65 | $75

Express Nail Treatments

Express Manicure
This touch-up manicure includes nail and cuticle grooming, buffing, and polish. $35 | $40

Express Pedicure
This touch-up pedicure includes nail and cuticle grooming, buffing, and polish. 25 minutes  $40 | $45

Nail Enhancements

Shellac $20 | $25
Shellac Soak-Off $15 | $20
French Polish $10 | $15
Nourishing Treatment for Hands or Feet $20 | $25
Hot Stone Pedicure $10 | $15