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Fall Into Fitness

Charlottesville Wellness Retreat

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Three Dates: Sept. 25-26 | Oct. 11-13 | Nov. 20-22

This unique retreat showcases the best of Boar's Head and our health and wellness strengths by allowing participants to have a taste of an array of activities, seminars and recreational opportunities that we offer on a daily basis. Aside from that, each guest will walk away with a custom metabolic assessment that is exclusive to his/her wellness goals.

Day One at 7:30 p.m. 
“Science Based Nutrition” Seminar & Dinner

Join Registered Dietitian Elizabeth Newton for dinner at The Mill Room as she talks about metabolic chains and the importance of accurate nutrition in meeting your needs. 

Morning of Day Two
Metabolic Assessment

Schedule your Resting Metabolic Rate or VO2 Max test and let us educate you on how you can obtain your overall fitness goals whether it be for weight loss or peak performance. This unique test is designed to help understand your goal and show you exactly how to accomplish it. View the video for full details…

Day Two at 2:00 p.m.
Fitness Island 90-minute Workout 

It’s time to get your heart rate moving! We’ll meet at The Sports Club and take a short hike to Fitness Island which is our dedicated outdoor fitness green located along the Boar’s Head Trail system. This will be a bootcamp-style workout catered to all fitness levels.

Evening of Day Two
Tennis Time!

Guests at Boar’s Head Resort have the luxury of experiencing one of the top-25 tennis resorts in the world, and we encourage you to take advantage of some court time. We have 26 indoor and outdoor courts with clay and hardcourt surfaces to choose from. 

Day 3 at 8:00 a.m.
Les Mills Power Hour

As an official Les Mills resort this is your chance to experience one of the world’s most famous exercise programs lead by our top-notch fitness staff. Celebrate the completion of this session directly after the program with smoothies in Racquets Restaurant and take this time to hear the results of your RMR or VO2 Max testing.

Afternoon of Day Three
Stand-Up Paddleboard or Hike

For those choosing to extend their stay another day, there is an option for an afternoon stand-up paddleboard session on day three at Beaver Creek or hike to Humpback Rock. Due to weather, the paddleboarding will be for the September and October retreats with the hike exclusively for the November retreat participants. This activity does come with an additional $60 fee that can be paid at the time of the event. 

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