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Tournament Results

Birdwood Tournament Results

For the 2023 Season

Three-Club Tournament Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Three-Club Tournament last weekend. We were happy to see that the weather improved as the day went on. Whether you are rethinking your three clubs of choice or wondering why you ever play with fourteen clubs, we hope you had fun playing a unique format on a beautiful winter day.

Gross Score:
•    1st Place: Daniel Haugh 79
•    2nd Place: Corey Cavanaugh 81
•    3rd Place: Maurice Barros 85
•    4th Place: Wes Campbell 85
•    5th Place: Alexander Grainger 86
Net Scores:
•    1st Place: Bob Davis 78
•    2nd Place: Jose Urresti 78  
•    3rd Place: Gary Ballinger 79
•    4th Place: Carol Toth 79
•    5th Place: Mateo Urresti 79 

In case you are wondering what the magic club combination was, Daniel (our gross winner) used a driver, a 52-degree wedge and a putter. Bob (our net score winner) found his success with a driver, a 7-iron and a putter.

*Note all ties were broken using the USGA recommendation for breaking ties (Last 9, 6, 3)