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Winter Wander Menu

Event Food & Beverage Selections

Enhance your Winter Wander experience with an array of food and beverage choices. Our in-house culinary team will be serving from two areas this holiday season. The Wander Lounge (WL) is located in The Market near the event entrance. Patrons can also find fare and drinks at the Frost & Fire Bar (F&F) located next to the Ice Skating Rink near the halfway point of the trail. 

Food Trucks

Two of the region's finest mobile food vendors have joined Winter Wander for the season. Wander Outpost (WO) near Big Boar Ridge has the comfort of  a heated tent and crackling fire pits. Multiple drink options and s'mores kits will be available, and this will also serve as the location of Vision Barbecue and Carpe Donuts. 

Family-Friendly Beverages

Beverage Price Option Location
Soda $3 Pepsi (+Diet), Dr. Pepper (+Diet) Starry, Ginger Ale WO, F&F, WL
Still Water $3 Cans of Aquafina WO, F&F, WL
Sparkling Water $3 Cans of Bubly WO, F&F, WL
Hot Chocolate $5 WO, F&F, WL
Hot Apple Cider or Coffee $5 WO, F&F, WL

Adult Beverages

Beverage Option Price Location
Three Notch'd Vodka Lemon Drop or Grapefruit Smash $10 WO, F&F
Three Notch'd Beer Wander Amber Ale or Millstone Pale Ale $7 WO, F&F, WL
Three Notch'd Draft Wander Amber Ale or Millstone Pale Ale $8 WO, F&F, WL
Blue Mountain Brewery Dark Hollow Imperial Stout $8 WO, F&F, WL
Bold Rock  Cider $7 WL
Devils Backbone Smash: Bourbon Whiskey Orange, Vodka Cranberry $10 WO, F&F, WL
Jack Daniels Whiskey Honey & Lemonade $10 WO, F&F, WL
Chardonnay Barboursville Reserve by the Glass $8 WO, F&F, WL
Pinot Griogio Barboursville by the Glass $8 WO, F&F, WL
Cabernet Sauvignon Barboursville by the Glass $8 WO, F&F, WL
Champagne Sparkling Wine Blanc de Blancs Brut Francois Montand $8 WO, F&F, WL
Hot Chocolate, Coffee or Hot Cider Add an Alcohol Shot $10 WO, F&F, WL
Winter Wander Special Cocktail Cirrus Vodka, Pineapple & Cranberry Juice + Starry $12 WL


Item Option Price  Location
Mini-Pie Apple Cinnamon (hand pie) $3 F&F, WL
Empanada Ham & Cheese $3 F&F, WL
Empanada Spinach & Artichoke (vegetarian) $3 F&F, WL
Kettle Chips Bag $3 F&F, WL
Cookies & Treats Chocolate Chip Cookie or Rice Crispy $3 F&F, WL
S'mores Winter Wander S'more Kit $12 WO, WL