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Kids' Club Camp

Kids' Club Summer Camp

June 10 - August 23 for ages 4-8

Kids’ Club Camp offers a fun and positive environment, action-packed agenda, enrichment activities and satisfied kids at the end of each day. Campers experience a variety of activities, including sports & recreation, crafts, nature walks and swimming. 

We ensure our campers have a wonderful and entertaining summer experience in a safe, unique environment. Activities are age-appropriate and structured to meet each camper’s need, and each week includes a fun surprise. Our team is excited to spend quality time and lots of energy with your kids!


Registration is not complete until payment has been received. 

  • Full 10 weeks: $4,500 per child (registration open now)
  • Weekly registration:  $480 per child (registration open Feb. 1 at 9 a.m. Links will be available for each week on this page)

There is a 10% sibling discount. For the full 10 weeks, there are no refunds after two weeks. For individual week payments, there are no refunds or bundling. 

Register Online Now

Registration Tips: Once you click “Add to Cart,” click the Home button to view your cart. Click “Cart” on the top right, then “Submit Payment.”


Payment must be received at the time of registration. Your registration is not complete until payment has been processed. Cancellations must be received in writing two weeks prior to the start of the session to receive a full refund. We understand that illness and injuries happen. If cancellation notice is given with less than two weeks’ notice, a doctor’s note must be provided to receive a 50% refund.


Week 1: June 10 – 14 | Week 2: June 17 – 21 | Week 3: June 24 – 28 | Week 4: July 1 – 5 | Week 5: July 8 – 12

NO CAMP: July 15 – 19. Try Sports Camp instead! View Sports Camp Info

Week 6: July 22 – 26 | Week 7: July 29 – Aug. 2 | Week 8: Aug. 5 – 9 | Week 9: Aug. 12 – 16 | Week 10: Aug. 19 – 23

8:30 - 9 a.m. - Drop-off at playground/ pool entrance
9 a.m. - Athletic activity: swim 
10 a.m. - Snack in the Kids' Sports Room 
10:30 a.m. - Craft activity & classroom games 
11 a.m. - Athletic activity: gym games  
12 p.m. - Lunch in the squash lounge 
1 p.m. - Athletic activity: squash court games, nature walk, pro lesson 
2:30 - 3 p.m. - Pickup at playground
3-5:30 p.m. - Aftercare in Kids’ Club*

*Additional fee applies


All campers must have all paperwork complete by May 1. If requirements are not met, camper will be placed on the bottom of the wait list. The following is required documentation for our state-licensed program: 

  • A completed application (no lines should be left blank) including phone numbers and addresses of two local emergency contacts. 
  • Immunization records signed and dated by a physician. As child receives new shots (each year), a new record is required.
  • Physical (within the last year) signed and dated by a physician
  • A copy of the birth certificate or proof of birth letter from the hospital
  • Completed Kids' Club Parent Agreement


- Program Manager Carol Rollins oversees summer camp and KC childcare programs and operations. 

- Camp Supervisor Reagan Davis helps coordinate and carry out daily camp programming. Reagan has four years of experience coaching Division-1 football and is a PPR-certified pickleball instructor and BHSC head pickelball pro. He will be teaching mini football drills and have all campers out on the pickleball courts!

- Childcare Supervisor Jenifer Ayala helps coordinate childcare operations and extended care programming.

- Childcare Providers Eva Reyes, Reece Wiebel (FT)


Keeping your children active and engaged all day long means that they'll need to come prepared. Here's a list of items that they'll need for our daily Kids' Club Camp: 

  • Arrive wearing swimsuit under athletic/ comfortable clothing
  • Water bottle labeled with name 
  • Athletic shoes and socks (no flip flops or Crocs- unless it’s for the pool then make sure to pack athletic shoes and socks!)
  • Extra change of clothes 
  • Sunscreen applied at home (we re-apply every 30 minutes using our own/ sunscreen from home kept in backpack)
  • Nut-free lunch and snack* (we provide a snack option as well)
  • BIG smile, good attitude and lots of energy!

Please clearly label everything.

Camp Policies & Parental Involvement

As campers arrive daily, each camper must be signed into camp with one of our KC camp team members. Only approved persons authorized by the parent/ guardian are allowed to pick up the child. Camp staff will refer to camp registrations at pickup if the counselor is unaware of the individual picking up a camper. Please note, any persons other than the parents must have a photo ID on-hand.

All activities are deemed “on property” therefore there is no transportation policy for Kids’ Club Summer camp. Any camper who is not signed up for after-care (after 3 p.m.) will be charged the after-care rate that day. If any child is in after-care until 5:30 p.m., the parents will be called immediately at 5:30 p.m. All campers and counselors will wait in Kids’ Club childcare room of the club after 5:30 p.m. Staff will maintain awareness of children's whereabouts at all times and conduct head counts during each transition during the day. 

Tier of Authority
Resort General Manager - Director of Sports and Wellness - Program Manager - Camp Coordinator – Childcare Provider 

Prior to a camper partaking in the swimming activity in KC Summer Camp, the camper’s parent/guardian must provide written permission to participate in this activity in addition to a swim assessment of child’s swimming skills. *Signing of registration paperwork attached signifies permission to participate in swimming activity. 

A certified lifeguard will perform an assessment for campers before entering the pool on their first day of attendance. In all cases while partaking in swimming activities, at least one staff member will be directly in the pool and at least one staff member will be on the pool deck. The pool staffs lifeguards during all camp hours. 

Swimming pool rules include but are not limited to: no running, no physical contact in or around the pool, all campers in the same pool at the same time, always asking permission to leave the pool or pool deck, no diving, and no hanging on the lane line. These rules pertain to the Kids’ Club Camp, and the Boar’s Head Swimming Pool Rules are posted upon entering the pool deck. 

Camp will provide sunscreen for all campers. Parents must complete an authorization form for the use of sunscreen during camp and include information if any adverse reactions to certain products occurred any time in the past. *Signing of registration paperwork attached signifies permission to use sunscreen provided. 

If a family chooses to use their own sunscreen, a waiver must be signed by the parent and all sunscreen must be kept in a zipped bag with the child’s name on the bag or sunscreen. All parents/kids have the opportunity to provide their own sunscreen for personal use. Staff counselors will either apply the sunscreen to each camper, or observe this action being done. Each camper will get checked for sunscreen prior to entering the sun and sunscreen will be reapplied every 30 minutes if entering pool. 

Preventing the Spread of Disease
A camper shall not be allowed to attend the center for the day if they have a temperature over 101®F, recurrent vomiting or diarrhea or a communicable disease. 

If a camper needs to be excluded from camp due to the above symptoms, arrangements shall be made for the camper to leave camp as soon as possible after the signs or symptoms are noticed. After communication to parents or the emergency contacts, the camper will be kept in a designated quiet area away from other campers until leaving camp.     

Camper tables will be wiped down with the approved cleaning solution before and after every snack/meal and other times as needed

Camper’s hands shall be washed with soap and running water or disposable wipes before and after eating lunch and AM and PM snack. Camper’s hands shall be washed with soap and running water after toileting and any contact with blood, feces or urine. Staff shall wash their hands with soap and running water before and after helping a child use the toilet, after personally using the toilet, after any contact with body fluids, and before helping feed children. In the case running water is not available, a germicidal cleaning agent will be used.

Medications / Medical Procedures
Any and all medication for child(ren) must be presented to the camp staff upon arrival the first camp start date. Any and all medications that must stay with child must be in its original container clearly documented with child’s name, date, doctor’s signature and paperwork and any special instructions needed for the medication. Camp staff will store all medications in a secure locked box. *They do not administer medications, instead we ask parents to come at a designated time to administer medication.  Exceptions apply, such as an Epi Pen. Prescription medication must be in the original container with the prescription label attached. Parents must complete and sign the medication authorization form. This authorizes MAT certified staff to administer medication for ten program days unless the need is for long-term. If the medication must remain at the sports club for more than two weeks, the physician's authorization section must be completed in addition to the parent authorization. In the event medication needs to be administered by a staff member who is certified in Medical Administrative Training (MAT) will administer the medication by following the directions and label as they read on the medication. If there are any altercations with the dosage allowed, camp staff must have written notice from the child’s physician. In the event of medical emergencies, First Aid-certified providers will handle any and all injuries under their control. For any injuries outside of that scope, emergency personnel will be called, with a phone call to the child’s parents to follow. 

Food Policy
Campers have the choice to bring a packed lunch or camp team member will order a lunch from the Racquets Fresh Market inside the Sports Club. Lunch is served daily at noon. Kids’ Club Camp is a nut-free environment. No foods served with nuts of any kind are allowed in camp. In the case that a camper brings a nut-based food, the camper will be asked to choose something from Racquets Fresh Market that will be charged to their account. Campers are not allowed to share foods of any kind, unless a celebratory food item is confirmed ahead of time such as a birthday. During meals, campers must stay seated at all times, unless given permission. Please contact Program Manager, Carol Rollins for all inquiries.

Behavioral Guidance Procedures
1st offense: The camper will be removed from the current activity and have a talk with the counselor who witnessed the behavior. 
2nd offense: The camper will be removed from the current activity, have a talk with the counselor who witnessed the behavior and sit out the current activity.
3rd offense: The camper will be removed from the entire group plus a “cool-down” (time removed will be based on child’s age). During the time, the camper will speak to the camp coordinator and program manager will be notified. 
4th offense: Camp coordinator or program manager will call the parents of the camper and ask for the camper to be removed from camp for the day. 

Our behavioral plan is for team members to practice positive reinforcement and divert unpleasant behavior to the best of their ability. Our goal is to provide fun activities that keep campers engaged in a safe and accepting environment. Only a loving yet firm tone is used during any correction to guide them back to a positive mindset. If/when behavior issues arise in camp, camp staff will NOT do the following: 

  • Use any physical punishment 
  • Be enclosed in a small confined space 
  • Punishment by another child 
  • Be separated from the group so that the child is away from hearing and vision of a counselor 
  • Withholding or forcing food or rest 
  • Verbal remarks which are demeaning to the child 
  • Punishments for toileting accidents 
  • Punishment by applying unpleasant or harmful substance

Child Abuse
All staff counselors are mandated by the state law to report child abuse if/when they suspect it. 
§ 63.2-1509 of the Code of Virginia

Emergency Procedures
In the event of an emergency, staff will be prepared to do the following: communicate with each other about the situation, at least two staff members will gather and line up the campers, at least one staff member will communicate with the emergency personnel at Boar’s Head (which will result in a 911 call), at least one last staff member will secure essential documents and any special health items that may be needed. 
Staff members will conduct head counts before, during and after the emergency situation. All staff members will know evacuation routes, exit points of the building and shelter in place locations. 
Alternate on-property emergency locations if campers cannot get back to the Sports Club:

  • Birdwood shed (adjacent to Birdwood club house)
  • Basement of 600/700 rooms of the hotel 
  • The Spa

Emergency Communication 
The summer camp staff shall notify the parent by phone immediately if a child is lost, requires emergency medical treatment or sustains a serious injury. Home and cell phones are the two primary modes of contact. If a parent cannot be reached via those two contacts, staff will try to reach the parents by work contact. If a parent cannot be reached, we will then try out to the emergency contacts listed on the registration. 
Staff will also notify parents by the end of the day of any known minor injuries. All injuries (serious /minor) will be documented on the day of the occurrence. 

Camper Termination
In the event that camp staff believe a child is in danger or endangers others around them, the Director of Sports and Wellness and the Program Manager will discuss the possibility of termination from Summer Camp. Other possibilities for termination include but are not limited to nonpayment of required fees and delinquent club member status.