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Targeted Sports Massage

What is a Targeted Sports Massage?

Targeted sports massage is a shortened massage session that targets individual muscles, emphasizing injury prevention and healing as well as the restoration of functional range of motion. Designed for people with both chronic and acute injuries, pain, and restricted range of motion, there are numerous benefits of a targeted sports massage including the following:

• Increased joint range of motion 
• Increased flexibility
• Increased sense of well-being
• Decreased muscle tension
• Decreased neurological excitability (increased relaxation)
• Decreased muscle spasms
• Better sleep

Service Menu

Targeted Massage | (15 minutes)
A sports massage that is targeted towards a specific condition diagnosed by a physician or physical therapist. This massage  is designed to improve pre-diagnosed sport injuries such as golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, muscle strain/sprain, shin splints, sciatica and piriformis syndrome, or a frozen shoulder/rotator cuff injury. 

Pre-Workout Warm-Up  | (15 minutes)
A sports massage provided before a workout or competition. This massage assists in warming up, increasing circulation to the muscles, maintaining flexibility and providing a psychological lift before a workout or competition. Performed as a full-body service, this massage is upbeat and stimulating for all muscles to prepare for exercise. This massage can also emphasize particular muscle groups based on workout structure or activity. 

Post Workout Cooldown  | (30 minutes)
A sports massage provided right after a workout or sporting event. This treatment assists in the cooling down process and immediate recovery which helps relieve cramping, reduce soreness, enhance venous return, and promotes lymphatic drainage. Performed as a full-body service or targeted towards a specific muscle group, this massage is for after the body returns to a pre-workout state (heart rate returns to resting). 

Facilitated Stretching  | (30 minutes)
A full-body stretch routine that targets all the major muscle groups before or after a workout. This massage assists with stretching muscles by using active and passive techniques to improve flexibility, decrease muscle soreness, increase range of motion, reduce risk of injury, promote circulation and improve performance. 

Recovery Massage  | (30 minutes)
A sports massage that is performed at least one day after a workout or event. The recovery massage helps to reduce soreness, restore blood flow, increase range of motion, promote lymphatic drainage and reestablish balance and a sense of well-being. This treatment is done as a targeted massage for the main muscle groups that are sore or overworked. 

Cupping  | (Service enhancement)
Cupping is a service enhancement that can be added to any recovery or targeted massage. Cupping uses silicone cups to create negative pressure which incases blood flow to a specific area on the muscle. This service is added to a massage to help speed up muscle recovery. While quickly reducing the amount of pain and tension in a muscle, cupping may leave “bruise-like” circles which will begin to fade a few days after the service is performed. 

Becca Leff

A 2017 graduate of Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage, Becca joined Boar’s Head Resort in July of 2018. She enjoys working with clients to overcome injuries, increase movement, reduce stress, and improve holistic health by customizing each massage to the needs of the client while helping them to get back to doing what they love.  She is certified and trained to perform the massage modalities of sports, medical, therapeutic deep tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), trigger point therapy, Swedish, Craniosacral, cupping, and muscle energy techniques. Becca has a passion for learning and will continue to learn new techniques to give her clients the best possible treatment.


15-Minute Session = $25        
30-Minute Session = $40
Service Enhancement= $5

All services are performed on a massage table and can be done with clothes on. Specific sports massage creams or oils may be used to aid in the massage technique.

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