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Junior Tennis

Unmatched Tennis Instruction!

It’s tennis time! Turn off the screens and turn on the excitement of a life-long sport. Our top-notch instructors have after-school programs that are geared to all skill levels. Your child will have the opportunity to experience the region’s top tennis facility with indoor and outdoor courts. 

Net Generation (Ages 10 and Under)

The Net Generation Tennis format (a USTA initiative) works by getting kids into the game immediately and progressing them based on their ability. For kids who have never played, within the first hour of stepping onto the court they are actually playing the game, rallying with one another, moving around and having fun. Kids who have played before are challenged with an ever-increasing playing surface and balls that progress towards a standard ball.

Ball Skills (beginners age 4-7) 

These lessons are taught on a 36-foot courts with foam balls, cones, hand paddles and other equipment. This program focuses on creating a base for fundamental athletic abilities to confidently learn tennis.

Red Ball lessons are taught on a 36-foot court and depending on ability with a foam ball or a red dot ball, hand paddles and racquets. This program is great for beginners of the age 8 or 9, or intermediate 7 year olds. In Red Ball we focus on ball and racquet control, as well as the production of strokes.

Orange Ball lessons are taught on 60-foot courts with an orange dot ball or a red dot ball. Orange Ball is a great starting point for beginners the age of 9 and 10 or intermediate 8 year olds. In this program we continue to focus on stroke production, including all continental grip strokes (slice, volley, serve). The bigger court space will require more footwork. 

Futures (Ages 11 -17) + Green Ball (Ages 10 -12)

These sessions are taught on a full-size court with Green Dot Balls. The Futures Tennis Camp serves a dual purpose. First, it provides beginner players with the ability to get introduced to the game of tennis. Lessons will be personalized so that each participant will be put in a position to succeed so that they can advance their tennis aptitude, creating life-long tennis players. Second, intermediate players will hone their skills and learn concepts that will allow them to progress to the next level. The Futures Tennis Camp fosters a learning environment that balances tennis fundamentals within a fun, interactive atmosphere.

Challenger Academy 

Participants in this camp show a desire to play competitive tennis at a high level. They are committed to achieving a sectional USTA ranking and a UTR rating, competing on a high school team and/or looking to play tennis at the college level. All groups are based on level allowing each participant will be put in a position to succeed. 

Challenger 1 (Ages 9 - 14)
Challenger 2 (Ages 11 - 14)
Challenger 3 (Ages 14 - 18)