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Winter Wander Trail
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What to Expect

The Winter Wander Trail at Boar's Head Resort

The beauty of light and the whimsy of nature intertwine harmoniously in The Winter Wander Trail at Boar’s Head Resort. Behold the magic of nature during this illuminated lakeside stroll as an extraordinary palette of colorful illuminations blanket the natural surroundings for a magical show of lights like no other. Look no further for the most spectacular of Charlottesville Christmas activities.

This experiential walking tour is an adventure that’s easily enjoyed and shared by all walks of life. Keep scrolling to discover what lies ahead in this magical journey. 

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Fountain of Dreams

Standing 12-foot-tall as a centerpiece, the Fountain of Dreams uses lights to mimic water shooting into the air while being surrounding by eight smaller fountains causing a spectacular show of light.

The whimsical waters of your dreams will bring this area to life. 

The Welcome Tree

The Winter Wander begins with a glowing, 35-foot holiday tree serving as the starting point for this magical lakeside stroll. Unlike most trees found in the forest, this unique structure has a wooden archway that beckons you and your family to walk through, while being transported to a world of wonder. 

Dogwood Alley

Many refer to the American Dogwood as a flower, but Virginia’s state flower is actually a tree. Virginia is the only state to have the state flower and tree defined by one plant, and Dogwood Alley will pay homage to this stunning flowering tree that comes to life every spring. 

The Trout House

The pathway will bring you to the historical Trout House that will be illuminated by bright lights. In the early days of the resort, guests would net their own fish from the waters of the Trout House for a dinnertime delight in the main inn’s restaurant. 

Big Boar Ridge

Trekking deeper into the wilderness, guests come across a massive mamma boar looking for her babies. You haven’t seen them, have you?

Serenity Way

Serenity Way transports will place wanderers into a world of color. Warm, glowing illuminations lead guests down the pathway into a land filled with lively trees washed in vibrant colors.

Lattice Lane

Atop the hillside, a mammoth tree fully adorned in vibrant colored lights. The trees roots spread out in an ornate filigree pattern across the hillside.

Guests will be entranced by her size, beauty, and gentle light movement.

Sun Kissed Meadow

After passing Lattice Lane, guests discover a field of glowing plants native to Virginia. A designated photo-op station offers an immersive photo opportunity.

Starry Night Sky

Ahead, the night sky glitters as guests traverse beneath an endless star-field canopy that twinkles and glows all across the rolling landscape.

Flower Garden

Jumbo-sized flowers create a unique, luminescent pathway for guests to explore while they gaze upon a one-of-a-kind vantage point overlooking the entire lakeside wander. The entranced to this illuminated flower garden marks the midway point to your wander. 

Firefly Grove

A sea of twinkling fireflies shepherd guests home as their journey approaches the end. Pins of light seemingly float over the grass while a few large-scale fireflies offer fun photo opportunities. Overnight guests will also be treated to a unique view of Firefly Grove from their hotel rooms. Although a neat venture, we ask that you keep your mason jars at home. 

Finale Field

Quite possibly the most Instagram-worthy spot on the entire trail, winter wanderers will certainly enjoy this walk through a super-sized tunnel before exiting into a dancing field of color-changing lights. This will be a fanfare to remember for years to come!