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Birdwood Q&A

Birdwood Golf Course Q&A

for Members and Guests

Question: How much will cart fees be for the new Birdwood golf course?
Answer: 18-hole cart fees are $25 for members ($30 for non members). For 9 holes pricing is $13 and $16 respectively. 

Question: Will cart plans be available?
Answer: At this time, there will not be any cart plans offered. We will re-evaluate in the future. 

Question: Can golfers walk the course?
Answer: Walking is allowed for golfers all year long, seven days a week, except for peak season (April-October & Friday-Sunday before noon). Walking is allowed all other times. Pedestrians (non-golfers) are not permitted to walk the cart paths. 
Question: Will carts be restricted to cart path only?  
Answer: Yes, initially we will be cart path only to help protect our new fairways.  Our consultant and USGA Agronomist made this recommendation on his recent visit to Birdwood after testing the turf. This is fairly standard for new courses, and we will allow carts off paths as soon as it’s possible.  Additionally, our new GPS carts will help with club selection.
Question: What are the tee-time intervals?
Answer: 10 minutes apart, even though we expect high demand initially for the new course, we will not go less than 10 minutes.
Question: Will you be required to take a single rider cart?
Answer: No, unless something changes, we will be following phase two recommendations from the Back2Golf Operations Playbook published by the CDC.    

“Golfers are permitted to ride together in a cart if they live in the same household without a facial cloth covering. If two people who do NOT live in the same household are sharing a cart, a facial cloth covering is required.” 

NOTE: We encourage golfers who are not comfortable riding with others to walk the course during walking times, or wait until an open time is available for you to have the opportunity to ride alone.  Another option is to mutually agree to share and trade off walking/riding each hole with your playing partner.
We respect the fact that some of our golfers may not feel comfortable using a shared cart and understand if you feel safer staying home or you may continue to use our practice facilities while maintaining social distancing. 
Question: Will single riders be allowed?
Answer: Single riders will only be available if by chance you tee off as a threesome (one single rider) or a single.  Both of these scenarios are unlikely with the demand for the new course expected to be high. Our Charlottesville golf resort encourage all golfers who are not comfortable riding a golf cart with someone they don’t know to play with a family member or social cohort. Additionally, please understand that if we allow single rider golf carts, we will not have the ability to allow all of our golfers to enjoy playing the new course which is important to us.
Question: How will you enforce the face mask policy at your Charlottesville golf resort?   
Answer: Birdwood staff will encourage the recommended guidelines but will not force golfers to do anything against their comfort level. We thank you for your cooperation and expect our golfers to work together to create a safe environment for everyone.

Question: When will things return to normal?
Answer: We will return to the new normal for golf operations as soon as it is recommended to move into phase 3 by the Back2Golf Playbook and the CDC/state of Virginia guidelines. That is currently projected to be July 1, 2020.